History and Background of Medical Tourism

Traveling abroad to get health care and medical services,the custom is known as medical tourism. The benefits of medical tourism are now getting widely p

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opular among people because people are getting aware concerning the advantages of medical tourism like the lower cost of their medical procedures and will enjoy their visit to an exotic location throughout the recovery period. This outsourcing to medical care is growing like a fad that is fresh and European and American tourists prefer tourism for both decorative and medical procedures. The states that are lack of surgical procedure leads the folks living there to fly abroad to acquire medical services that are appropriate.

The custom of traveling abroad is just a trend that developed from the ancient period and there’s a history of individuals traveling into other states for health functions. In Italy and throughout the Roman provinces,the Ancient Romans constructed resorts with thermal health spas,and also the Ancient Greeks would travel’ to [on the Saronic Gulf] to stop by the sanctuary of their restoration god,Asklepios,who disclosed remedies in their mind in their fantasies’ (Bookman and Bookman 2007: 4-5).

From the 15th to 17th centuries,the inferior sanitary conditions in Europe prompted a fascination by the abundant with medicinal spas,mineral springs,and also the seaside for health goals. The rapid urbanization and social change have undergone throughout Industrialisation aggravated the disease and bad living environments in Britain plus some sections of Europe,with anti-urban values and also a growing concern for health growing because (Holden 2006: 30).

Sun-seeking and also spa tourism dropped to the 20th century. Medicinal springs,spas,Beaches,and resorts,especially in warm and arid climates,lasted to be considered therapeutic through long exposures to the sun,oxygen,and warm water (Swarbrooke and Horner 2007: 3 3). Thus it’s simple to see that health tourism has evolved from an early age with urban myths and beliefs and as a cure from natural resources to the current stage of numerous surgical and medical procedures and cosmetic remedies and for alternative therapies including yoga,naturopathy,and ayurvedic medicine. Michael Moody (2007) indicates that the medical-tourism trend began when residents of one particular country go to another country to have cosmetic or dental procedures completed while on a break or to recover from such procedures in a vacation like a destination.

Tour package marketing helps in the development of medical tourism. The factors like the high cost of health in developed nations,the long waiting list at government health facilities,and also the decrease of airfare are the majority of grounds that contributed to its rise in the health tourism.

India is just one among the world’s beloved holiday destinations also has quite a few hospitals of international conventional and British speaking staffs and so there aren’t any chances of terminology barrier for the western patients. India has therapies for example Yoga naturopathy Siddha and ayurvedic medical clinics. One of the recent poll conducted in India on the healthcare signals that healthcare tourism in India will grow to the US $125 to 250 million in the year 2012. (CII-McKinsey analysis).The low cost and high-quality treatment and care are the reasons that hasten the health tourism in India. The following example will show the tourist benefits of tourism as well as about the economy in India. Howard Staab,also a self-employed carpenter from Vermont,flew to India due to his medically necessary heart operation,scheduled a side trip to the TajMahal,also returned home to operate in North Carolina. Apart,from that,it additionally shows the money gap in comparison with developed nations. Kerala like any other country in India has a lot of potentials to be a market pioneer in medical tourism.

Kerala often referred to as “God’s own country “is certainly one of their favorite holiday destinations in India. The geography of Kerala is embellished with tranquil backwaters,scenic beaches,lush green coconut groves,and enriched culture. There is a pride of place in the sphere of medicine with this Indian medical and nation tourism is Kerala’s element.

Medical tourism is remarkably common in certain nations of India and this analysis focuses on a city of Kerala state. Kerala is considered among the very most tourist destinations in India as a result of hills,its beaches,lagoons,backwaters,and culture. The condition has tremendous potential to flourish its health care tourism and the tourism industry is promoting itself with a few health and health packages.

This analysis focuses on the trends of health tourism in the city of Trivandrum,which can be found in the southernmost state of India called Kerala. It’s known for its attractiveness also this city is the present capital of Kerala’s nation and beaches. This city has a lot of hospitals and ayurvedic clinics and resorts.

Medical tourism has the benefit of providing cost-effective medical care collaborating with the healthcare business and with the industry. Thus tourism occurs with a mixture of tourism and travel realm and healthcare services names. The facts that directed to the rise of tourism are the availability of economical and higher quality care in one location and existence of long lineup of patients to get the procedure along with elevated prices of medical care in a geographical region. The results of these facets are the rise of health tourism leading in people moving to another geographical location for health care.

ASTA accounting system is used in medical tourism. The expression of medical tourism can be a word coined in recent periods however,the practice appears to exist from the ancient period and the trends in medical tourism have shifted with enough time.

The spa trip into their own destination for other drug and surgical treatments and cosmetic surgeries,medical,and health spas and health resorts. Hazard and the considerations for procedures vary. The health tourism has gained economic,social,and governmental interest but it has gained scant attention in tourism literature broadly speaking.

Bookman and Bookman (2007) specify medical-tourism as traveling with the intention of improving one’s health,and also an economic activity which entails trade in services and reflects the splicing of two industries: tourism and drug. Tourism is viewed as a means of stress relief and leisure vitality as individuals elect for spas and sun. Although there’s no single definition for health tourism,it may possibly be widely defined as people traveling in their own place of residence for health reasons (Ross 2001). Several demographic,economic,and lifestyle factors are driving such tourism (Handszuh and Waters 1997; Ross,2001). Bennett et al. (2004: 123) acknowledge a liberal definition of health tourism could be’any pleasure-orientated tourism that entails Some anxiety relief’,which means it is an enjoyable and relaxing activity

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