How To Fight Tickets In NYC Traffic Court

The regular courts in New York already handle a great deal of cases. In order to ease their burden,non-criminal moving violations are heard in special traffic courts. Trained go to traffic court act as the judge for these cases. They have the ability to determine guilt,set fines,suspend licenses,and revoke registration if necessary for the public’s interest.

Dealing with Traffic Tickets

Tickets will have instructions at the back. Follow them and make your plea as soon as possible. There is a deadline for your response. Mail the ticket back with your plea within 15 days from the date of the violation. If you don’t make it in time,then you will be facing a license suspension. Pay the fine if you admit your guilt or go to traffic court if you maintain your innocence. If you enter a “not guilty” plea,then you will receive instructions from the DMV regarding your hearing.

Hearings and Postponements

The public hearings are open for every to watch. If this is your first time fighting a ticket,then it may be wise to observe the conduct of other hearings before your scheduled date. Get familiar with the place and the procedures. Note how the lawyers,the officers,and the judges handle the situation.

It is possible to have your hearing postponed but you must make the request well ahead of time. Requests by mail should be received at least 10 days before the original date. Requests in person or by telephone can be made at least a day before. For the second request for postponement,you must appear in person and present a good cause.

If you have questions about traffic tickets,then call up the DMV or ask a speeding lawyer . Request for an overview of NYC traffic court to give you a better idea of what you can do to avoid the fines and the blemish on your record.

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