The Most Common Car Accident Injuries and their Appropriate Treatment

The injuries caused by car accidents are just as unique and varied as the crashes that cause them (source: [dcl=6632]). Various factors,such as where you were sitting in the car at the time of the accident,whether you were wearing your safety belt,and how your car was hit,all determine how your body reacts to the impact of the crash. Below are a few of the most common car accident injuries and what their appropriate treatment should be.

Whiplash — one of the most common car crash injuries that happens when a car stops or turns abruptly. During these couple of seconds,the neck “whips” backwards and forwards very quickly,resulting in pain in the muscles and tendons in the neck due to injury. Symptoms that follow include pain,stiffness and loss of range of motion in the neck. Whiplash,in some cases,does get better with time,but a doctor should be seen if the symptoms get worse.

Concussion — a serious injury that can also be caused when your head is thrown backwards and forwards in a car crash,even if your head hasn’t made contact with any part of the car during the accident. Head pressure,headaches,”seeing stars,” losing consciousness,as well as ringing in the ears,are signs of concussion. The symptoms of a concussion might only appear after a few hours. A neurological evaluation might be necessary if you have difficulty with focus,memory,or concentration.

Fractures — caused by the direct force of the accident. An accident can be the cause of any bone being broken,with the arms,hands,legs and feet being the most common. Signs of a fracture include redness,bruising,swelling,loss of function,severe pain and deformity. Your doctor will decide on the best treatment for you,depending on the site and severity of the fracture,and your [dcl=6632] will help you determine how to get compensated.

Getting the proper treatment for any of these common car accident injuries is essential. Monitor your mind and body over the following few weeks,since certain symptoms don’t appear immediately.

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