What is the best way to clean Covid 19?

The early days: “An outbreak of the highly contagious, yet uncommon, coronavirus has been reported in Los Angeles, with 50 cases confirmed”. My oh my how things have changed. So now what? What is the best way to clean Covid 19? The outbreak has resulted in a wave of flu-like symptoms, which is not characteristic of other types of flu and as such, many are concerned about how they should continue to look after themselves.

What is the best way to clean Covid 19


Natural immune system built up over generations is slow to respond to viruses; the body works on its own,doing its own thing,until it is triggered. Viruses get inside our systems and start to multiply at a rapid rate.

Those that survive the natural processes can pass on their genes, which eventually end up in more people, potentially leading to a higher incidence of virus multiplication. Even those who have not contracted the virus and are under protective, medical cover are susceptible to the virus.

There is no need to panic, but taking responsibility for one’s self and treating illness with a responsible attitude is of paramount importance. It is possible to control the spread of flu and other diseases, although this will require some amount of vaccination. The virus needs to be alive for it to replicate,and if we know what its characteristics are, then we can defeat it before it gets to us.

Flu is most dangerous when it is caught in the early stages. We cannot completely prevent its spread through our bodies, but we can control the spread and possibly reduce the risk of infection,by maintaining good hygiene habits. This can include wearing a complete coverall – even when showering lol. But seriously, to effectively clean for the Covid 19, you should hire a qualified firm. Naturally Green Cleaning offers excellent a Covid Cleaning Service if you’re located in Los Angeles.

Other simple methods of flu-control are the washing of hands frequently, using an appropriate hand sanitiser and applying antiseptic lotions to fingertips and hands. If possible, maintain a healthy diet. Avoid raw fish,unless it has been cooked properly, and stay away from food prepared at home.

For some flu sufferers, flu has become a part of life. With less time off work, coupled with reduced social contact, flu sufferers are more likely to catch flu than most. The difference between the flu which is common and the flu that is dangerous can be a matter of hours, so it is important to be aware of signs of flu. Fatigue, tiredness, upset stomach, low-grade fever, headache, back pain, frequent urination,and sore throat are all common signs of flu. These symptoms may also mean that the person is suffering from a cold or influenza. A natural immune system can be constructed in one’s body, but with the build up of toxins, this is much more difficult. It is important to take control of one’s immune system, and any attempt to defend against viral infections, such as flu, is recommended. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, since taking care of your health is key to maintaining a natural immune system. Natural therapies such as cleansing, and drinking plenty of fluids will help to improve circulation,and help the body get rid of impurities.

Because flu is generally caused by viral infections, the immune system is weakened, making it vulnerable to flu and other viruses. Thus,people who are immune suppressed should make sure that they are vaccinated against flu. Anyone who cannot get vaccinated or take immunisations, or have certain health conditions, should avoid visiting those who have been infected with the virus. Natural therapies, including natural immune system building, help to control the virus and aid the body in getting rid of it. Any outbreak is treated with various methods, including bleach, complete decontamination, soak ,extreme decontamination and touch point cleaning.

To learn even more about the Covid-19 pandemic, Wikipedia has a very informative, if exhausting, website. You can visit it here.

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